What should an agency expect when working with Green Public Art?
Green Public Art is a full service consulting firm. Our professional expertise in the field of public art, planning, community engagement and urban design makes us valuable in all aspects of consulting and project management. Green Public Art has experience in the development and implementation of public art projects in the U.S. and abroad.
Can Green Public Art help in the conceptual planning of a public art project?
Yes! Green Public Art will assist in establishing the project goals and parameters, budget, artist selection method, development of a master schedule, and communication procedures in accordance with best practices in the field.
How does Green Public Art work with the design team?
Green Public Art will consult with the architect and design team to define the potential location(s), site(s) and theme(s) for the public art project. We will also work with the team to develop a community outreach program to suit the needs of the client and project.
What services does Green Public Art provide for artist selection?
Green Public Art will customize the artist selection process for each project including composition of RFQ/RFPs, review of artist’s materials, artists’ studio visits, presentation and facilitation of artist selection, and recommendation of artists for a project.
Who did Green Public Art work with on international projects?
Green Public Art has consulted on international projects with Urban Art Projects (UAP), a unique turn-key public art firm who sources artists, designs, and fabricates site-specific artwork for private developments in Australia, the Middle East, and United States.

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