The award winning monumental project, Northala Fields, is Europe’s largest example of land art created by artist Peter Fink and architect Igor Marko.The site was once a barren, windswept, inaccessible tract of land located next to a major highway. Now four great mounds dominate the skyline,one with a distinctive spiral path to form the heart of the innovative park, which is free to the public. The most significant innovative feature of the project is the use of imported inert waste material to provide both the raw material for creating a new landform within the park and crucially, to generate the £ 6 million (approximately $9.1 Million) funding to deliver the wide ranging recreational and ecological enhancements. As noted on their website, FoRM associates were able to develop this raw concept into an innovative landscape design, which successfully balances a range of project goals, including:

  • Maximising the volume of material within the new landform and hence potential for income generation
  • Reducing adverse affects arising from the adjacent A40, particularly noise, visual and air pollution
  • Delivering new recreation opportunities not currently available within the open space resource of the area focusing on a six lake urban fishery
  • Establishing new ecological opportunities in response to the creation of new topography
  • Creating a major piece of ‘land art’ forming a gateway icon for West London

Northala Fields is a park that incorporates fully accessible fishing ponds, two children’s playgrounds, a marshland reserve, a model boating pond, cycle paths, open playing fields, and the four giant mounds. Yet, despite all these areas of different activity the site design flows together and creates the sense of being one harmonious park as well as Europe’s largest example of land art.

About the artists:

The artist Peter Fink and architect Igor Marko are partners in FoRM associates ( a London-based design practice that looks holistically at the ‘livability’ of 21st century cities, creating places that are better to live in, work in and enjoy. FoRM associates are urbanists in the widest sense, working collaboratively to fuse urban design and landscape architecture with ecology, environmental design, masterplanning, architecture, branding, lighting, arts, media and engineering. FoRM’s hallmark lies in its ability to design functional and people orientated public realms that are inspiring both in their design and in reality.