50 Hedrons

Year: 2014

Artist: NONdesigns

Location: Acacia Boulevard, City of Garden Grove, CA

Art Budget: $15,000

Materials: No VOC paint, wood, acrylic, succulents, art pots

Dimensions: 50 art elements each measuring approx. 6ft. h, 32×32 in. triangular base

Client: City of Garden Grove via Community Arts Resources


50 Hedrons brings the residents of Garden Grove out into public spaces and encourages interaction with the city to connect socially. Through the one-day RE:Imagine Garden Grove – A Downtown Open Streets event, on October 12, 2014, the community of Garden Grove will see their city as a pedestrian friendly community to walk and ride through the neighborhood.

NONdesigns’ approach to the artwork was to bring color and life to a main artery of the event, Acacia Boulevard, leading to and introducing the new Pacific Electric Right of Way bike and pedestrian path.

A series of colorful, geometric sculptures each display a drought resistant succulent within an engraved platform. Looking down the city streets, one will notice many of these sculptures dotting through the main event path. Geometric forms and colors project shadows onto the ground and move throughout the day. The tri-tone color palette was selected to contrast the colors of the site and is applied asymmetrically to create dimension and movement. The fluorescent acrylic plant platform creates a glowing focal point and casts colored geometry onto the site.

This project both uses and promotes ecological responsibility. The materials used are sustainable and non-toxic including the use of water based no VOC latex paints, which do not pollute the environment. A selection of drought resistant succulents adopted by community members creates an awareness of using native plant selections in landscaping to conserve water. The sculptures will continue to have a presence on Acacia Blvd. for several weeks after the event, and then finally sited in individual community member’s homes and gardens.

On the day of the event, participants were invited to adopt one of the 50 Hedrons sculptures. Through the Keys to the Garden: Public Art Path Participation Station, they then planted their succulent in the provided art pot and were also given a key chain tag with the name of their succulent (names highlight local streets and landmarks). They then walked along Acacia Blvd. to find their designated sculpture where they will install their potted succulent. Participants were encouraged to water and maintain their adopted succulent for 30 days after the event after which time they could take the sculpture and succulent home to keep. During and after the event, community members will recognize one another’s’ colorful key chain tags, sparking connections relating to the project and community development.

This artwork was intended not only to bring visual activity to the community but also to create an activity that will bring the community together.

Commissioned by the City of Garden Grove and the GG Community Foundation for the Re:Imagine Garden Grove – A Downtown Open Streets event.

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