826 Kings Road

Year: 2016

Artist: Susan Narduli

Location: 826 Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $167,000

Materials: Powder coated aluminum

Dimensions: 18′ h x 35′ l (focal screen); 38.5′ h x 150′ l (North and South screens)

Client: KINGS 826LP

Architect: Demetri Darmos

Description: The Artwork for 826 KINGS draws its inspiration from the concept of the architectural screen facade as a historical and cultural narrative. It starts with an exploration of classic Southern California architecture, and the mid-century modern facade screens used to humanize scale, mitigate daylight and provide privacy in early modern glass buildings. While referencing historical facades, the artist looked to new technologies as a means to reconceptualize the narrative possibilities.

The square, the foundational proportion that informs the language of the architectural design of 826 Kings, is the geometric unit of the Artwork. It reinforces the geometries of the architecture and plays on the facade’s rhythms of solid, transparent and screen. The square also evokes the philosophy of Rudolph Schindler – that architecture begins in the human mind as a structure based on geometric laws – a connection to site and the significance of Schindler’s Kings Road House to the history of the area.

The focal point of the artwork is the two-story common room that fronts Kings Road. Through a process of documentation and 3D mapping, the artist will create a digital landscape with the Sycamore tree. The artwork, an interface between the public and private space, is a gradient, more dense at the bottom, opening up as it becomes sky. The artwork has one presence during the day and another at night. At night, lighting from within highlights the Artwork from the street, and creates ambient light for the public terrace.  The project is currently in design development and is expected to be complete in 2016.

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