Abandoned Relics

Year: 2013

Artist: Gustavo Godoy

Location: City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $20,000

Materials: concrete and wood

Dimensions: Six sculptures each measuring approximately 64″ h x 63″ w x 24″ l inches

Client: City of West Hollywood Art on the Outside Program in partnership with Honor Fraser Gallery

Description: The City of West Hollywood’s Art on the Outside program brings temporary art installations and exhibits into the public realm to enhance the City’s pedestrian-friendly culture. Working with a limited budget, the program strives to bring high-impact temporary projects with the potential of the art to enrich and diversify the City while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality and artistic integrity.

Los Angeles is an urban jungle comprised of a stream of traffic and construction set against a landscape of ocean, palm trees and mountains. This juxtaposition of nature vs. industry can be seen in the commonplace materials that Godoy uses to build his sculptures. Maintaining a relationship with the day laborers that build our environments, Godoy’s work pays tribute to the true makers of our city. His embrace of quotidian construction supplies, readily found at any home improvement store, renders the objects familiar, yet the weight and stillness of the heavy material provides a solemn, cerebral experience. These concrete and wood forms suggest permanence; a gesture of hope that the art object can capture and maintain the essence of time and social circumstance. Through an interest in the way belief systems parallel the value placed upon art, Godoy is able to question art’s ability to transcend spirituality and religion.

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