LAXART in West Hollywood: Anna Sew Hoy

Year: April 2014 – April 2015

Artist: Anna Sew Hoy

Location: Kings Road Park, City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: Courtesy of LA>

Materials: Ceramic and stainless steel

Dimensions: tbd

Client: City of West Hollywood Art On the Outside Program

Description: Inspired by the work of modernist architect Irving Gill, Anna Sew Hoy’s sculpture mobilizes simple forms and ornamentation to emphasize engagement with the environment and with livable space. Like many of Gill’s buildings, the sculpture explores relationships between symmetry and asymmetry, eventually intertwining itself within the park’s landscape and becoming part of its everyday use and function.

The sculpture relates to the human form through its scale, standing less than five feet high atop the grassy knoll and between the boulders that are already a part of the park. Made of enamel washed stoneware and an embedded stainless steel disk with a polished mirror surface, the sculpture will highlight the act of seeing; offering passersby a viewfinder, a mirror reflection, and an opaque silhouette. Visitors are able to experience the constantly changing views through the mirror as they move through the park. The sculpture allows park visitors to encounter something new every time they visit by reflecting different views as they navigate the surroundings of the work.


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