Cloned Dogs with Water Bottles

Year: 2013 (May – August)

Artist: William Sweetlove

Location: City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $10,000

Materials: Polyurethane foam covered with a 1/4 inch of polyurea

Dimensions: Six dogs on pedestals that each measure 8.5′ h x 3.3′ w x 6.5′ l

Client: City of West Hollywood Art on the Outside Program

Description: The City of West Hollywood’s Art on the Outside program brings temporary art installations and exhibits into the public realm to enhance the City’s pedestrian-friendly culture. Working with a limited budget, the program strives to bring high-impact temporary projects with the potential of the art to enrich and diversify the City while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality and artistic integrity.

Belgian artist William Sweetlove was invited to exhibit a series of cloned dogs with water bottles; representative of the artist’s ongoing research about climate change. Recognized for his colorful sculptures that evoke a social, political and ecological message with a high visual impact, the artist designed the larger than life dogs as a way to evoke a public conversation about the environment. The dogs, whimsically represented with tennis shoes on their front feet and a water bottle strapped to their back, are symbolic with the artist’s growing concern about the earth’s melting ice caps and subsequent rising ocean. The shoes will protect the dogs feet and the water bottle will provide them with fresh drinking water.

The primary material used to create the sculptures is recycled plastic, a material that originates as petroleum, itself a natural, organic fossil. The artist’s intent by using this material is to highlight that these products, like fossils, will be here for eternity, and it is our responsibility to recycle them and invest in the technology to do so.

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