Year: 2013

Artists: Dia Bassett, Janelle Despot, Suki Berry and Friends, A. Laura Brody, Richard Gleaves, Terri Hughes, Miki Iwasaki and the Bakery Design Collective, David Krimmel and Benjamin Lavender

Location: Art Produce, 3139 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104

Estimated costs: $15,000

Materials: recycled materials (wood, shopping carts, clothing, cardboard)

Client: Art Produce gallery

Description: The GREEN ART PARADE is a curated street spectacle of sculptures, art bikes, green fashion and performances by Southern California artists with a message about the environment. My vision for the parade is to bring a temporary, mobile artistic exhibition of creative voices to the streets of San Diego to spark dialogue about art and the environment. The projects included in the parade express green design theories, utilize recycled materials and express a significant environmental concern.


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