H20: The Art of Conservation

Year: 2011

Artist: Dia Bassett, Bociek and Bociek, Lea de Wit, Rebecca Goodman, Matthew Hebert, Terri Hughes-Oelrich, Miki Iwasaki, Benjamin Lavender, Omar Lopez, Adam John Manley, Collective Magpie, Christopher Puzio, Fritzie Urquhart, Ruth Wallen

Location: The Water Conservation Garden, El Cajon, CA

Art Budget: upon request

Materials: recycled and reclaimed wood, metal and plant material

Dimensions: various

Client: San Diego Fine Art Society

Description: This unique exhibition offers San Diego homeowners an artistic alternative to incorporate water conservation into their own garden spaces. The exhibition challenges 14 established and emerging San Diego artists to reflect on water conservation, to consider the natural context in which the artwork is being created and to explore working with recycled, re-purposed or non-traditional materials. This group exhibition includes art works that are an aesthetic manifestation of water conservation, providing another lens with which to view our role in Southern California’s efforts to act sustainably, conserve energy and preserve natural habitats.

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