KAUST Art Program

Year: 2008

Artist: Carsten holler, Sweden; Oliver van den Berg, Germany; Simeon Nelson, Australia; Nja Mahdaoui, Tunisia; Erwin Redl, United States; Richard Deacon, United Kingdom; Fiona Foley, Australia; Sopheap Pich, Cambodia; Iñigo Ovalle-Manglano, Spain/United States; Subodh Kerkar, India; Jason Bruges, United Kingdom; Donna Marcus, Australia; Dennis Nona, Torres Strait; Matthew Dalziel & Louise Scullion, Scotland; Wim Delvoye, Belgium; David Trubridge, New Zealand

Location: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Urban Art Projects (Australia)

Description: KAUST ART is an extensive program of artwork commissions that celebrate King Abdullah University’s international platform of collaboration and exchange. The primary focus of the program is to interpret and present interdisciplinary art and design that stimulates creativity and interaction. Engaging prominent artists and designers from around the globe, the project unites East and West to create site-specific solutions exploring world-class practices.

An extensive curatorial phase and collaboration between UAP and project architects hOK revealed opportunities for artwork integration and locations for major artwork commissions.
Globally over 120 artists were shortlisted for the project, including artists from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Tunisia, the United States, Cambodia, Spain, Iraq, Egypt, Germany and India. 15 artists were briefed to develop concepts for specific sites. They were asked to draw inspiration from KAUST’s unique geography, science and technology-based research,
language, text, regional histories and traditions.

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