Light Gate

Year: 2015

Artist: Mags Harries & Lajos Heder

Location: City of Manhattan Beach, CA

Art Budget: $130,000

Materials: Stainless steel, prismatic film, glass

Dimensions: approx 12’6″h x 12’6″w

Client: City of Manhattan Beach

Description: Light Gate is sited along Highland Avenue at 14th Street, in a public plaza between City Hall and the new Library. The almost 15-foot tall artwork is composed of stainless steel, glass and prismatic film and has a large passageway through the center. The site-specific artwork encompasses the revered elements of Manhattan Beach: sunlight, sand and sea, and the civic center.

The artwork honors the heart of Manhattan Beach and celebrates the Centennial by connecting the City’s civic center to the ocean’s horizon. A fulcrum of city and sand, Light Gate provides a connection port/gateway from past to future; grounds the viewer at the civic center and encourages them to look out over the horizon to imagine a future of endless possibilities.

By activating a currently underutilized area, the playful artwork will constantly evolve as the light changes and will invite youth and families to walk through and around it. The project is abstract so as to allow individuals to have their own personal interpretations of the artwork, evoking a dialogue about what art is and what art can be. These qualities represented by the artist’s design embody what the APPC was seeking for the Centennial Art Project: elegant; iconic; timeless design; minimal maintenance; open for personal interpretation; representative of the community; and significant enough to commemorate the City’s Centennial.

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