Love Your Bean

Year: 2013

Artist: Cosimo Cavallaro

Location: City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $4,500

Materials: resin fiberglass

Dimensions: three beans, each measure 9′ l x 5′ h

Client: City of West Hollywood Art on the Outside Program

Description: The City of West Hollywood’s Art on the Outside program brings temporary art installations and exhibits into the public realm to enhance the City’s pedestrian-friendly culture. Working with a limited budget, the program strives to bring high-impact temporary projects with the potential of the art to enrich and diversify the City while maintaining a high level of aesthetic quality and artistic integrity.

Taking the recognizable shape of jellybeans, artist Cosimo Cavallaro’s sculptures seamlessly merges color and form with sensuous ferocity. Cavallaro worked alongside Southern California fabricator Jack Brogan over the course of a year to test a wide variety of materials and methods to refine the surface and intense colors. Brogan’s detailed style had a large impact on the trademark “Finish Fetish” work from 1960s Los Angeles. Cavallaro’s “Jelly Beans” resonate with an unbridled sense of humor and joie de vivre entirely his own. The exhibition was arranged in a small group to appear as if the jellybeans were tossed on the lawn.

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