Net of Indra

Year: 2015

Artist: Ned Kahn

Location: City Hall Parking Structure, City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $130,000

Materials: 3000 crystal glass spheres and stainless steel cable

Dimensions: 20’2″ w x 39’9″ h

Client: City of West Hollywood Urban Art Program

Description: A grid of large glass spheres behind the glass curtain façade, will respond to the movement of the elevator of the City Hall Parking Structure. The artwork will act like multiple lenses, catching light and movement as the elevator moves cars around inside the building.

Because the lens flips the images, upward movement will appear as downward, and left will appear as right movement. This site-specific artwork draws its energy and animation directly from the moment-to-moment changing conditions of this dynamic building. The form and design of the artwork will also be a unique response to the architectural and mechanical context of the parking structure.

The title of the artwork, Net of Indra, is a metaphor used to illustrate Buddhist concepts of emptiness, dependent origination, and interpenetration. In a very basic sense the Net of Indra symbolizes a universe where infinitely repeated mutual relations exist between all members of the universe. According to Buddhist texts Indra’s net is set with jewels which have the extraordinary property that they reflect all of the other jewels. The artwork is currently in fabrication and is expected to be complete in 2015.

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