Parallel Perpendicular

Year: 2018

Artist: Phillip K. Smith III

Location: West Hollywood Park, City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $500,000

Materials: Stainless steel, 2-way mirrors, LED lighting

Dimensions: 5 art elements ranging in size from 4ft x 8ft x 1.6ft – 9.6ft x 9.6ft x 5.6ft

Client: City of West Hollywood Urban Art Program

Architect: LPA, Inc. and Rios Clementi Hale Studios

Description: The West Hollywood Park Master Plan Phase II Implementation Project will complete the implementation of the West Hollywood Park Master Plan. Major project elements will include a new Community Center; a gymnasium; a competition and a recreation swimming pool; locker rooms and offices/meeting rooms; Parks & Recreation staff offices, and a Tiny Tot facility; improvement and expansion of approximately 4 acres of park green space. In addition to the 1% for Art required for all public projects, the Project will also incorporate the positioning/integration of a National AIDS Monument into the overall design as part of the architectural services. The AIDS Monument design team will be selected through a separate competitive awards process.

Parallel Perpendicular, an artwork concept proposal by artist, Phillip K. Smith III, is comprised of five freestanding-mirrored volumes composed of parallel and perpendicular reflect the park visitors and the environment as well as the surrounding West Hollywood views. By night, the mirrored surfaces become pure fields of color that slowly move through the color spectrum. These colors reflect off of each other, merging colors upon colors, creating new spaces of color, projection, and reflection.

The artwork is proposed for the center of the new Robertson Commons in West Hollywood Park and will serve as a park entry and connector to the Robertson and Santa Monica Boulevard retail and neighborhood zones. The project is currently in design development and is expected to be complete in 2018.

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