Year: 2008

Artist: Anne Marie Karlsen

Location: Lawndale Library, Lawndale, CA

Art Budget: $78,000

Materials: Glass

Dimensions: 20’ x 15’

Client: Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Architect: Gruen Associates

Description:  Initially the artist was inspired by the building and its reference to mid-century modern design and the painter Piet Mondrian and his geometric division of spaces into rhythmic squares and rectangles. The combination of these geometric patterns and grids reminded Karlsen of the maps of Lawndale when it was being subdivided for residential lots. The artwork is made up of sixteen repeated geometric patterned panels of cools blues, greens and yellows. The patterns are intricate reconfigurations of historical photographs significant to the City of Lawndale. This project received national recognition from the Public Art Network: Americans for the Arts Year-in-Review as one of forty of the best public art projects of 2008. 

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