Three Horned Beast [and Baby Beast]

Year: 2014

Artist: Lisa Little and Emily White

Location: City of West Hollywood, CA

Art Budget: $30,000

Materials: powder coated aluminum

Dimensions: 19’ w x 28’ h | 6’ w x 10’ h

Client: City of West Hollywood Art on the Outside Program

Description: Created by artist team Lisa Little and Emily White, the free standing pavilions were originally commissioned by the New Children’s Museum, San Diego to coincide with an exhibition titled TRASH!, which dealt with recycling and using materials responsibly. In fact, if compressed, all of the material used to make the Beast would fit into a 2-foot cube!

The Beast’s playful form is inspired by a fennel bulb and utilizes a lightweight, recyclable and structurally strong material, aluminum. Designed as an experiment with industrial manufacturing techniques, the artists spent hundreds of hours in the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork. The City of West Hollywood is pleased to host “the Beasts” for the next twelve months in Plummer Park on the City’s dynamic east side. Representing exemplary art, design, and creativity with a nod toward environmental responsibility, the art works reflect these aspects which truly make West Hollywood the Creative City.

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