Year: 2012

Artist: Al Price Studio

Location: Avenue Park, La Puente, CA

Art Budget: $108,000

Materials: Powder-coated steel

Dimensions: 3.5”h x 60’l x 5”d

Client: Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Architect: Katherine Spitz Associates, Inc.

Description: Sculptor Al Price found inspiration in the local history of La Puente. According to legend, Don Gaspar de Portola arrived in the area in 1769 and named the region “Llana de la Puente” meaning “Plain of the Bridge,” after making a bridge of poles so his party could cross San Jose Creek. The custom artwork functions as a bridge railing that incorporates shapes and forms indigenous to Avocado Heights. The railing’s repeating moire effect suggests a sequence of floating horse hooves, indicative of the active equestrian community in the area. Visually, the sculptural railing appears to twist and turn as pedestrians walk across the bridge deck. The look of the bridge will evolve as light and shadow change over the course of the day.

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