Green Public Art offers services to both public and private agencies seeking consult for public art projects.

Our work encompasses public art project development and management, curatorial services, community engagement strategies, and knowledge of green building certification requirements.


  • Public Art Project Development & Management
  • Curatorial Services
  • Community Engagement Strategies
  • Knowledge of Green Building Certification Requirements

Public art project management will include the oversight and management of the planning, artist selection, design and fabrication of public art for the project site. Throughout the entire process Green Public Art will serve in an advisory capacity to you on public art best practices.

Public art planning involves defining the art opportunity, location, budget and type(s) of artwork appropriate for the site. Green Public Art will work with you to determine parameters, goals, and selection criteria for each unique public art opportunity. During this time Green Public Art will meet with all participants in the public art decision process as identified by the Client.

Next, we will work closely with you to facilitate the artist selection process. During this time we will coordinate an artist outreach effort, draft a short list of artists for consideration, administer artist presentations/interviews, and assist in preparation and participation for public presentations if requested.

Once an artist is selected we will assist in negotiating a contract with the artist, brief the selected artist with the project’s objectives and schedule, provide oversight of all activities associated with artists’ work (design, fabrication, and installation), monitor the artist’s budget, schedule and scope of work, administer the artist’s presentation of the art design for review and approval; and perform a studio visit during fabrication to inspect the artwork in progress.

Green Public Art offers a comprehensive range of curatorial services to ensure, whether in a indoor exhibition space or outdoor public area, artworks are displayed and conveyed to the utmost effect. For over fifteen years, we have forged and maintained relationships with hundreds of visual and performing artists of all disciplines and styles. We will help you build a dynamic and positive exhibition, by providing you with services to either commission a permanent artwork or install a temporary exhibition.

Green Public Art has curated numerous exhibitions in a variety of locations, both indoor and out, with a vision and a mission to create a visual dialogue within the art world, regardless of geographical position. The exhibitions hope to inspire, provoke thought and conversation, educate and surprise and audience, students, collectors, public and artists.

Whether large or small, permanent or temporary, indoor or outdoor, we will work with you to ensure you receive the absolute best work for our space, needs and aesthetic. We can assemble the appropriate team members to complete the parameters of the project at hand.

Why engage the community? Involving community stakeholders in the development of a public art project can be challenging, resource-intensive, and often frustrating process. It can also be a highly creative, energizing, and rewarding experience leading to unexpected improvements in design and outcomes. Community engagement builds “social capital” for a public art project, which is associated with better understanding, appreciation and long term care of the artwork.

We will help you plan and design an appropriate community engagement strategy to address the level of participation you hope to achieve, identify stakeholders, define possible limitations, and tools for staging of the engagement process. Green Public Art will help you hear the desires of the community in new ways and work with the selected artist to deliver solutions within the project’s parameters.

We recognize that green buildings represent an enormous opportunity for artists to contribute to the project’s energy efficiency and sustainable building practices. Green Public Art has specialized knowledge of artists and artwork that utilize green technology and materials. As part of your project team we will provide site-specific research and recommendations for artwork opportunities appropriate for the site design, water, energy, and materials planned for the building.

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