July 14, 2024
Natalia Unleashed: The Ultimate Mobile Legends Guide

Natalia Unleashed: The Ultimate Mobile Legends Guide

Meet Natalia: The Sneaky Ninja Assassin in Mobile Legends

Natalia in Mobile Legends is very sneaky and dangerous, like a ninja. With her special skills, she can hide in the shadows, fight with great power, and no one will be able to find her.

Natalia is very important for killing important enemies and destroying the enemy’s back line. The best thing about her is that she can quickly join and leave battles, killing enemies without them knowing. She also has great survival skills, like being able to hide from enemies and speed up. That way, she can get away or avoid strikes that could hurt her.

Natalia is a real threat to her opponents when she’s on a team. Behind enemy lines, she can cause chaos that helps her team win. But Natalia can only reach her full potential if everyone works together.

Learning Natalia’s Mobile Legends skills and how to use them well

The skills Natalia has in Mobile Legends are very powerful and make her stand out. Here is a list of Natalia’s skills and tips on how to use them well:

Passive Skill

Assassin Instinct: Natalia’s best trait is her passive skill. She goes into Stealth mode after going for a short time without being seen. When she’s in this mode, enemies can’t see her, and her first basic move hits hard. To use this, go into Stealth mode and sneak up on enemies without them noticing by hiding in places they can’t see you, like brushes. Get out of Stealth to attack, and then go back in to avoid counterattacks. So make good use of your time.

The first skill is called “Claw Dash”

It lets Natalia run at an enemy and hit them. It also makes the enemy move more slowly, which helps Natalia catch or get away. You can use this skill to hit quickly and kill enemies that are alone. Watch the time, stay away from enemy attacks that VTBET could stop Natalia, and pick a smart target.

Skills 2 and 3

Smoke Bomb: This skill throws a smoke bomb at a specific area, making it harder for enemies to see inside it. You can use this skill to get away from enemies that are after you, make things more difficult in the middle of a fight, or avoid dangerous attacks. Place the smoke bomb in a smart way, like near escape paths or groups of enemies, to get the most out of it. This makes Natalia’s enemies confused, which gives her a chance to hide or fight without being seen.

Ultimate Skill

Cold-blooded Strangling: With this skill, Natalia can quickly tie up an enemy with a rope and hit them very hard. When Natalia uses this ultimate skill, she runs to the enemy closest to her and wraps a rope around them. The enemy is bound and unable to move for a few seconds while Natalia strikes them physically. Natalia’s moves also slow down the enemy they hit.

Pick the right time to dash to an enemy who is alone or weak to make the most of this ultimate skill. Use the fact that Natalia can quickly join and leave battles to your advantage. This will keep the enemy you’re bound from escaping or attacking you. It’s important to work together as a team because Natalia can use her ultimate skill to lock on to enemies that her partners are chasing, which gives her an edge in team battles.

You should also keep an eye on how long Natalia’s ultimate skill takes to heal. Be smart about how you use it and don’t rush, so you have enough power for more important things.

Tips to Maximize Natalia’s Potential as a Mobile Legends Assassin

To maximize Natalia’s potential as a deadly assassin in Mobile Legends, here are some tips you can apply:

Pick the Right Moment:

Natalia relies heavily on timing. Use her passive ability, Assassin Instinct, to enter and exit Stealth at the right moment. Seize opportunities when enemies are isolated, weak, or chaos is happening in battles to launch deadly attacks.

Focus on the Enemy Backline:

As an assassin, Natalia is effective at destroying enemy heroes in the backline. Identify the opponent’s carry or high-damage heroes that pose the biggest threat to your team and try to approach them unseen in Stealth. Take them out quickly to give your team an advantage.

Use Claw Dash Wisely:

Claw Dash is Natalia’s first skill that can be used to dash towards enemies. Use this skill to chase or escape from enemies and to avoid dangerous attacks. Make sure to use this skill wisely, considering its limited range and the possibility of getting trapped in risky situations.

Leverage Smoke Bomb for Chaos:

Smoke Bomb is Natalia’s skill that can be used to create chaos in battles. Place the Smoke Bomb in strategic areas to blur enemy vision, confuse them, and provide an opportunity for you and your team to launch attacks or escape.

Communicate with the Team:

Coordination with the team is crucial when playing Natalia. Provide information about detected enemy positions or communicate to coordinate attacks with your team. With good teamwork, you can create strong synergy and optimize Natalia’s potential in team battles.

Use the Right Item Build:

Choose an item build that suits Natalia’s playstyle. Items like Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, and Hunter Strike can significantly increase Natalia’s damage. Additionally, make sure to buy defensive items like Athena’s Shield or Immortality to enhance Natalia’s survivability in battles.

By applying the above tips, you can maximize Natalia’s potential as a deadly assassin in Mobile Legends. Stay focused on your role, communicate with the team, and practice consistently to become better with Natalia.