July 14, 2024
Preserving Traditions: Reviving the Rebab through Training in Buleleng

Preserving Traditions: Reviving the Rebab through Training in Buleleng

Hey, folks! Gather ’round for a piece of local culture news. In Buleleng, 25 artsy peeps from different cultural spots are getting the lowdown on playing the rebab. Now, you might be wondering, what’s the rebab? Well, it’s this traditional musical instrument in Bali that’s on the verge of fading away. So, some cool folks are stepping in to keep it alive!

The Rebab Workshop

So, this Bali rebab workshop went down on Thursday (11/9), hosted by Prof Dr Pande Made Sukerta SKar MSi. He’s a lecturer at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) in Surakarta and hails from Tejakula, Buleleng. The idea here is to reintroduce the rebab because, these days, it’s hanging by a thread in the Balinese gamelan scene.

After the workshop kick-off at Sasana Budaya Buleleng, I caught up with Prof Sukerta. He’s all about bringing back these traditional music instrument vibe since the interest in it is kinda fading. But wait, what’s the rebab’s deal in Balinese gamelan? Well, it’s got this magical touch that jazzes up the tunes, you know?

Why Revive the Rebab?

Back in the 1920s, the rebab was the real MVP in the arja, semara pegulingan, and gambuh scenes. But fast forward to today, it’s like it’s been ghosted! Prof Sukerta spilled the beans, saying, “The rebab’s popularity has hit rock bottom. Production is low, and finding one to buy is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s been a real struggle.”

Would you believe that in 1979, Prof Sukarta could only track down 6 rebab players in Bali? Yep, just 6! They were from Mayong, Seririt, Gianyar, Pedungan, and Denpasar. These folks gave Prof Sukerta the kick in the pants he needed to revive these traditional music instrument.

Bringing Back the Rhythm

Prof Sukerta has been on a mission to hype up rebab skills in recent years. He’s even done the same back in his hometown a few times. After this three-day workshop wraps up, he’s crossing his fingers that the participants will pass on these traditional music instrument vibes to other artists. Prof Sukerta is rooting for the rebab to make a comeback in the gamelan gong scene.

“I’m sure playing the rebab isn’t rocket science; it just takes dedication. It’s played a bit differently, needing calm and feeling,” he spilled.

Local Response and Cultural Impact

Now, the Head of Buleleng’s Culture Department, I Nyoman Wisandika, is pretty stoked about this collaboration with ISI Surakarta. This rebab training is like a cultural booster shot for Buleleng artists. Especially since there aren’t many young guns diving into these traditional music instrument game in Buleleng.

“This is a great moment for Buleleng because usually, the older and more experienced folks are into these traditional music instrument. The young ones? Not so much. Besides preserving our culture, this is also a chance for regeneration,” Wisandika shared.

So, there you have it – the scoop on how they’re trying to keep the rebab alive in Buleleng. Cheers to traditions, tunes, and bringing back the good vibes!